Meet the Team

Lauri hiking in her local mountains

Lauri – Owner and Digital Marketing Strategist

Lauri discovered digital marketing about 15 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. With a solid business and entrepreneurial background, digital marketing was just the next step in marketing and business growth and something that came naturally to her.

As the founder of Reaction Concepts, Lauri puts her MBA in Marketing to good use, helping clients to strategize and plan for maximum growth, and she’s great at adjusting these plans when needed.  As a leader, she is responsible for making sure that her team has the very best skills and tools to do their jobs well so they can help their clients’ accounts grow.

When not monitoring PPC accounts, reviewing email campaigns, installing conversion tracking codes or reading hundreds of emails, Lauri likes hiking locally and traveling internationally.

Leah hanging out with her best friends
Leah – Director of Operations and Facebook Account Manager

Leah’s middle name should be “attention-to-detail”! Nothing gets past her and we all love that about her!

As a CPA that home-schooled her kids, I knew Leah would be able to handle anything we threw at her. And boy do we throw things at her. There isn’t a project or task that she can’t do, and without her, everything would probably come screeching to a halt. From coding to reporting, Leah has learned and mastered it all.

Leah currently lives in Mammoth Lakes, CA and spends a lot of time outside with her two small dogs (ha!). Fun fact: Leah has never met a spreadsheet she didn’t like!



Steph in Croatia checking out the view
Stephenie – Senior Account Manager

A long-term traveler, Steph is a “digital nomad”, working on her accounts as she continues to explore the world.

With a Ph.D. in Psychology, Steph takes a very scientific approach to her accounts and has become a total wiz when it comes to Shopping campaigns. She has that rare combination of a math/science brain AND a creative/literary brain, which makes her a perfect fit for digital marketing.

Steph likes to dig for answers and has a knack for uncovering hidden opportunities – not just in her accounts, but also in her life.


Tony in Vietnam with a special friend
Tony – Designer/Developer

What would we do without Tony?

Tony is who we turn to with all of our website and design problems. A developer, photographer, designer and all-around problem solver, Tony is an amazing resource and extremely skilled at creating user-friendly, Google-friendly websites.

Another long-term traveler and a big “foodie”, Tony has been to some pretty interesting places and is always game to try anything.


That is Megan on the left
Megan – Account Manager

Megan is a certified dive instructor, living in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, and has taken to Google and Facebook Ads like a sea turtle to water.

When she isn’t diving, Megan has been managing accounts and learning all she can about Google Ads, Bing, and Facebook.

Even though Megan is from Michigan, she seems to have adopted the very chill attitude of her current location in Playa – always smiling and never flustered. That positive attitude is infectious making Megan a joy to work with.


The Circle of Andrew – what happens when I need to resort to LinkedIn for a photo!
Andrew – Account Manager

Andrew may seem quiet, but don’t let that fool you!  He has a ton of experience with Google Ads, and is great at analyzing and optimizing.  What I love about Andrew is that he gets really connected to his accounts and is constantly trying to find new and better ways to help them achieve their goals.

With a Bachelors Degree in Literature and Writing, you can be sure that your ad text will be well written and carefully crafted.  Now if only I could get him to give me a more relaxed photo!

Jen in her element!
Jen in her element!
Jen – Project Manager & Business Development Strategist

Jen can juggle.  Projects, onboarding clients, 2 kids, a dog or two, hundreds of emails, checking homework, checking PPC accounts, creating reports and so much more!

Jen has her hands in everything we do and is responsible for making sure that each client experience is a positive one.  This means she needs to use her excellent communication skills, organizational skills AND her MBA to help our growing team get the information they need, and our happy clients get the results they have come to expect.

Jen lives in Nevada City, CA (near Sacramento).

Ready to tackle the day
Laurel – Project Manager

Laurel’s 20+ years in higher education marketing translate well into conveying the needs of the many disciplines Reaction Concepts clients work in. In addition to her extensive marketing and client management experience, she uses her degrees in English and journalism to write blogs, newsletters, and any marketing content needed.

Laurel lives in Indiana and has a pretty full house that includes a very rambunctious pup named Brody!

Enjoying the 4th in the mountains!
Michele – Project Manager

Michele has enjoyed working in administrative, sales, and customer service jobs for 20+ years. With a degree in psychology and a customer-oriented background, her passion is building relationships. Her priority is supporting the Reaction Concepts clients and management team as well as develop ideas for digital marketing growth.

Michele lives in Portland, Oregon and loves the outdoors.

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