All digital marketing accounts need at least some attention weekly.  And many of them require a lot of attention every week to stay on top of changing user patterns, new account features and keeping ads and information fresh.

What types of PPC accounts do we manage:  Google Ads, Bing, Facebook and Linked In

So – what do we do for our monthly management clients?  Well, it depends on the size of the account, the number of campaigns, the monthly ad spend budget and a whole host of additional factors.

Here are a few of the tasks we check on a weekly basis:ppc management

  • Review all ads – check click through rates, conversion rates and overall effectiveness
  • Analysis of competitive ads vs. ads we have created – be sure our ads out-shine the competition
  • Quality Score analysis –take action to improve, make recommendations on landing pages
  • Review Search Terms – add negative keywords
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Extensions Review
  • Review Conversion actions
  • Device performance and bid modifiers

So you can see there are quite a few things to stay on top of.  If you have spent any kind of time trying to find your way around a Google Ads Account or a Facebook Ad Manager  you know that there are literally thousands of variables to play with in order to get the best performance for your account.  It’s what we do all day – so we are very familiar with every bell and whistle and how they work.  Many of the features available won’t be necessary for your particular account – the trick is figuring out which ones are key and which ones are irrelevant.

We do not base our management fee on a percentage of adspend….why?

We are on your team… we don’t want you to spend more on your accounts just so we “make more money”.  Our goal is to have you spend as little as possible and still achieve the best results possible.  We have found that if we spend more TIME on an account, managing it well, with a smaller adspend, we can actually get better results than if we spend more money on the clicks within the account with less management time.

Some things to keep in mind when hiring someone for Google Ads management:


  • Make sure you choose a Certified Google Partner
  • Ask if they have experience managing companies similar in size and scope to yours
  • Ask about contracts – don’t sign on for a year without testing the waters
  • Make sure you have access to your account as an Admin
  • Lastly, make sure you feel comfortable with the person that will be handling you account

Monthly management fees vary greatly depending on the number of channels you are advertising on, the number of campaigns and the number of Adgroups, as well as your Adspend.  Costs also change if you have multiple accounts, Google Shopping campaigns, require frequent phone call check-ins, or have complex monthly reporting needs.

Our team of Google Ads managers are all Certified Partners.  We participate in numerous Google training every year to make sure we have the most up to date knowledge available to help our clients succeed.  We are passionate about digital marketing in general and Google Ads in particular!

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