Dassi, Inc.

Decrease in Cost per Conversion
3,000 +
Sales Generated through FB each Month
Increase in PPC sales from 2010

We started managing a single PPC account for a single website for Dassi, Inc. in 2010, and this has grown to managing 8 different websites, across Google, Bing and Facebook.  Our relationship with this client is indicative of what we strive for.  It is one of familiarity and trust, that is more like a partnership than an agency/client relationship.  We handle website changes, SEO, PPC, email marketing and a whole host of additional tasks that come up every month.  We are constantly reviewing their overall business goals, looking for opportunities to grow and ways to stay ahead of the competition.


“Lauri, I know I’ve told you this before and I doubt you’ll get tired of hearing it, but once again I want to express my gratitude for how much you and your talented team have done for us throughout these many years.   When we switched our account to Reaction Concepts back in 2010 (after interviewing several companies), I remember telling my wife that there was a noticeable increase in online sales.  And that occurred within days of you doing your magic.


Your engaging personality, enthusiasm and expertise (much of which goes over my head) have not only made our association a pleasant and lucrative one for Dassi, Inc., but you have also taken a large load off my shoulders.  So, my internist should probably thank you as well. “

Skip Usen
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