Strull Oral Surgery

Average Monthly Conversion Rate
Monthly Total Clicks & Impressions
Decrease in Cost per Conversion

When we started working with Strull Oral Surgery in May 2018, we created their PPC accounts from scratch, starting with Google Ads. In less than a year, we have refined and improved their campaigns so they are reliably getting calls and inquiries, while staying within their budget. Since starting, we have increased 5x the average monthly conversion rate, doubled monthly total clicks and impressions, and decreased the cost/conversion by 25%. Because of the success of the account in Google Ads, we also expanded to an account on Bing in October 2018, where we have improved total monthly clicks 4x and impressions 5x. In managing this account, we focus on Strull Oral Surgery’s services but also their identify as a small, caring, family-run clinic that emphases putting the patient first.

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